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strategy first . . . then
world domination 

You've started your business, opened your bank account and created your website, Instagram handle and LinkedIn page and then embarked on writing your 3-5 year business plan . . . fast forward 2 -3 months, you're busy, making money (or not), working all hours, enlisted the help of family and friends and have had an endless number of meetings.

But what happened to your strategy?  

Let's get back to basics and develop a solid strategic plan that will guide your next steps and focus your investment in areas that will demonstrate a strong return on investment (ROI).  Our disciplined framework ensures that the business is focused on strategies that drive revenue.
graph depicting how many people approach a strategy that is not effective

our process

We do a deep dive into your business and identify opportunities that amplify the value of your $ spend and maximize your time. We evaluate the effort vs outcome and we are not afraid to speak up and call out the tough issues . . . ultimately because we want success for your business just as much as you do.
road map depicting the 4 steps in our strategy planning process

we build logic models focused on sustainability to achieve the intended outcome.

outcome frameworks

Ever wonder why others appear to succeed? Why does it look effortless for some, while you struggle to capture the smallest gain?

colorful cartoon depicting the challenges of launching a product that will sell

how do you convert followers into paying customers?

the lolas’ collective outcome frameworks is a strategic discipline anchored on specific actions that achieve the intended outcome. 


We design and use a diverse approach to support your business (structure, linking and tools) in achieving the outcome.  Each set of tools are customized for your specific business and is not replicated for other businesses.

let's get down to business . . .

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